Why chasing millions is not the pursuit of happiness.

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I was staring at my Zoom screen in the midst of an interview for a compelling new tech company. After having exited my previous company, I sat there excited to chat with the founder of a company I thought had a great vision for the world. As he looked down at me whilst aggressively chewing on his nails, he was quick to boast about the cool pad he was staying at in Salt Lake City. He then spun his camera to give me a 180-degree view of his five-bedroom cottage, which he was enjoying all to himself. His friend Tony, yes the famous Tony from Zappos, had invited him to fly down for a retreat to brainstorm ideas for the future that too while in the midst of a pandemic. …

Yes, in the turmoil of 2020.

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We are living in strange times. Businesses are going bankrupt, restaurants are closed and everyone is confined to their own homes. But through these dark times, we have found a purpose to rise above and get together for our communities. We volunteer our time to sew masks, we send care packages to those more vulnerable and we help our neighbours with their groceries.

And so why do we do that? Is it for the prestige? For a brand? For the friends we make? I’d say it’s for a very simple fundamental reason. Each of us wants to be seen. We want to be part of something bigger than ourselves to feel value for the contributions we bring to our communities. …

How to keep trying even when you don’t want to.

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Ever feel like everything you do simply isn’t working?

On the verge of giving up?

The good news is you are exactly where you are meant to be right now. Read that again.

You are exactly where you are meant to be right now.

Whilst this may offer little or no comfort, the good news is where we are today is a starting place to get to where we need to go tomorrow.

The challenges, obstacles, and roadblocks we face are all necessary and are what will open doors to the opportunities we do not yet see or recognize.

When I left my last job I immediately started interviewing for new jobs. I declined the first offer because I felt I could get better. But after several interviews the job I really wanted slipped out of my hands. Here I was with nothing in hand after several months of job hunting. Now what? …

Some valuable lessons from entrepreneurship.

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Five years ago I resigned from a lucrative tech job. I had a boss who didn’t inspire me, a job that I didn’t find challenging enough and no upward mobility. As a young professional in my twenties, the sky was the limit. I had huge dreams, aspirations and hopes for the way I wanted my life to be.

And so off I went to start my own company. Whilst, I learned a lot about business along the way, I learned even more about myself. I evolved personally in a way that would have taken me decades otherwise.

Here are 5 life lessons I learned through my journey of starting a business. …

There are only two options.

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Feeling like you need to figure out your true calling?

Finding it hard to concentrate at work? Wondering what is next for you?

Finding a meaningful career is one of life’s biggest pursuit. Not just any job but one where you feel content, fulfilled, and excited. Where every Monday is as exciting as every Friday. A life filled with purpose and passion.

For some of us that comes naturally. I have a friend who always wanted to be a teacher since she was in sixth grade, she eventually trained to be a teacher and loves every day as a teacher in her school. Pretty straight forward and simple for her. …

A simple way to frame each day.

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Having a bad day?

Can’t think of a way to push forward?

We often find ourselves in the position of having so many things to do, not knowing where to start, and then procrastinating tasks until the next day. This is often because we set unrealistic expectations for ourselves. We expect to complete an ‘x’ number of tasks each day instead of focusing on doing a good job on even a single task.

For example, we try to constantly learn and consume content. We play our podcasts at 1.5x, multitask at meetings, and skim through books. This means we may accomplish a lot but in reality, we are not very productive. We simply get things done to get done. Ask someone a question from a webinar whilst they are multitasking and chances are they may have missed that part. …

How to see the good in everything.

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It’s 7 am. I stumble out of bed and head straight to my kettle to boil some water for my tea. I simultaneously pour a little milk into a mini jug, which I then take over to my microwave to warm to later add to my hot tea.

Twenty seconds later I hear the beep-beep-beep. It’s time to take out the warmed milk while I wait to pour the hot water from the kettle over my teabag. I look at the digital display of the microwave and it says Good.

I think to myself. Good.

There are times I put in food, which gets overheated and splatters everywhere. Or liquid, which boils over. The microwave will still always say…you guessed it, good. …

The grass is not always greener on the other side.

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Scroll, scroll, scroll. This is the fever nowadays that we all have as we cling to our phones scrolling through Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. We often find ourselves in awe of other people’s success and their accolades. We admire their pretty outfits, scenic backgrounds and lavish homes. We wish we had their life. We wish we got that promotion. We wish we had so many followers too. But there is always more than that which can be seen by our plain eyes.

We often envy someone’s success without paying any attention to the plight they had to endure to reach where they are today. Part of the problem is the media’s glorification of “overnight success”. We are often exposed to the part of the iceberg above the water with little to no regard for the massive part below. …

An introduction from Natasha.

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Hi there!

I’ve been on Medium for around a year. I’ve written for some of the best publications on Medium and have amassed over 11,000 views a month on my articles. I decided I’d start a journal that documents some of the best stories and experiences I have had to help you on your journey through life, business and relationships. I believe change is constant and we all can evolve into whatever we wish if we do the hard work to get there.

I’m an entrepreneur and former corporate professional who has lived across three continents. I am now based in Toronto, Canada and hope to bring fresh perspectives to the many daily dilemmas we all encounter. …

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3 mindset shifts that will keep you motivated.

It’s 4 am. I rub my eyes open and stare at the darkness surrounding the room. Through the corner of the blinds, the city lights trickle their way in reminding me of my abode downtown. My husband is fast asleep by me whilst I suddenly widen my gaze at the ceiling above. In an instant, my mind takes me back to another time and place — my freshman year dorm in Manhattan.

I can remember the muffled voices of my roommates, the music jarring through their headphones, the electric energy of a freshman dorm, all in the busiest city in the world whilst I try to desperately fall asleep after a long day of classes. Now here I am in the silence and serenity of my own home many years later. …


Natasha Varma

I help professionals learn to build & transition to being a business owner. 👩‍💻 2x Founder | Ex: EY, SAP | MBA. www.natashavarma.com/sidekick

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