What My Husband Taught Me About Love

Love is not as simple as being married or having a partner

Before I met my now-husband, my life felt like a mess. I had low self-esteem and confidence in myself despite being successful in my career and having a loving family and friends. I looked outside for validation. For a truth that was nestled deep within me. But I didn’t look within, because it was easier to look around instead.

When we think of love, we think of a love that is external. One that is romantic. One that is formed through a relationship. Whilst there is a supreme joy found in companionship, love is much more profound than that alone. It is an emotional frequency that draws us to who we are within. That frees us from any judgement and expectations. Love does not make us complete, it shows us that we have always been complete.

My husband has provided me with that comfort. The comfort that I am fine just the way I am. Love is and always has been in infinite abundance, we have to choose to tap into that energy. We have to give love to get love.

Being “in love” does not have to be the fatal attraction you see in the movies, it is a frequency that can be calm and steady. That offers you the lens to see the whole world around you with more compassion and kindness. True love brings out qualities within you that can be hard to otherwise unlock.

Because love makes you vulnerable. It opens your heart up to the rawest version of you. And that raw version can do magical things. You can take new risks, battle your deepest insecurities and bring out any untapped potential.

So while I love my husband what I have really learned is to love myself. To learn what it means to be whole with him not because of him. If I am a ship at sea, he is the captain guiding me. I am not built to sink. But he will be the one there through every tide — high or low.

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